Kentucky Camp weekend

First, a little Samaniego news. Due to numerous requests, a GPX file for Samaniego Ridge is now available here: Ridge – Nov 2010.gpx

That’s my most recent track. The next MTB crew not only cleared more trail (even trail beyond Walnut Spring is getting work), but they took bike-eneering to a new level:

…. [Continue reading]

100 miles of what?

Sunday’s ride, summarized in 16 seconds:

The Dirty Bunny Century. The website asks, “How much fun does riding 20 laps of the Bunny Trail sound to you??”

That’s right, 20 laps of the flat, fast, smooth, swoopy Bunny Trail… located at Fantasy Island! The idea was so simultaneously awesome and asinine, how could …. [Continue reading]

A Samaniego Epic – words

Bobo’s opens at 0530, so we were there at 0530. A proper anti-bonk breakfast was sure to increase our chances on the day. 60 degree temps (?!) also increased our chances — almost no warm clothing required.

We rolled out at 0600, to ride… Grant Road. At Chad’s last minute suggestion, we took the most …. [Continue reading]

A Samaniego Epic – video

Chad and I went for a little bike ride. If you’ve been following along the diary, this was my third “run” on the Samaniego Ridge Trail. The first two focused on trail work and were both shuttle aided. For this one we rode from home, up the mountain, then the real adventure began — working …. [Continue reading]

Pre-Samaniego Skills

The Catalina Mountains are calling, still, and ever more loudly. My last two runs down Samaniego Ridge have been earned, not by sweat and pedal, but by petrol and gas pedal. I’ve been willing to ‘look the other way’ on all the shuttling in order to accomplish the goal of opening this epic …. [Continue reading]

Sammie Shuttle Work

Samaniego Ridge twice in one week? Lucky!

I left home in the dark again, pedaling to a different pickup spot. This time there were five of us, shuttling in to meet three who were already bikepacking on the mountain.

First up, we were forced to descend a couple thousand feet on singletrack to …. [Continue reading]