Epic fails

… to describe any trip on Samaniego Ridge.

I left home early, pedaling an hour to meet our shuttle pickup. Jose drove us up the mountain, from 2500′ to 9000′. Big shuttle! But then this is a big ride.

Louis strapped a 5lb pick mattock to either side of his …. [Continue reading]

Hidden Skills

Chad took my suggestion and moved the Techy Taco ride to Tucson Mountain Park, with the featured trail being the most difficult one: Hidden Canyon. We made our way there via Rock Wren and Hooligan.

Surgical break. In the end Ty couldn’t get the inch long cholla barb out of his …. [Continue reading]

Tortolita Skills Clinic

A full moon rise / sunset combo ride on the river trail. Very nice. My legs are pretty dead, but I decide to join Chad’s Tortolita ride, 12 hours later. Why, oh why, do people in Tucson get up super early to ride, even when it’s not hot?

In our 5.5 …. [Continue reading]

Back in T-town

It’s good to be back in Tucson. For all my wandering, I miss the place, I miss being home.

(Easy to say now that the mercury is done topping 100 degrees.)

I miss the fiery sunsets and all the rides from home. The Corsica is tired and needs to rest.

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I thought my weekend riding would look like Thursday’s ride,

instead I found myself here,

in the forest, on the Arizona Trail, heading south for Sedona.

Paula’s mom offered to stay with Paula while I raced, so I could attend my favorite race on the planet (thanks Sherilen, you rock): The …. [Continue reading]

Surgical whirlwind

9/22/10, 7pm. Orange sky signals the end of an exhausting day. But all is done, all in its ‘proper’ place. Except my mind, which is so thoroughly unsettled that even the 1 hour sunset spin does little.

I didn’t believe I would actually make it to Crested Butte until the car was heading …. [Continue reading]