Best Tacos

It was just Chad and I, and our will to ride all things techy and stupid.

Temperatures were a moderate 92 degrees. Headbreezes hailed the incoming weather, an approximation of “cool.” This definitely improved our odds.

I cracked the final piece of the Ram Canyon climb — it has all been done now, …. [Continue reading]

Vapor Trail 125

This is a hard route, no doubt. 125 miles, ~20k climbing, 10pm start means 8 hours night riding. I planned and plotted, trained and rested, schemed and daydreamed about crushing this beast. I felt good, felt relaxed going in. A week in Colorado had done me well.

I knew that as a Vapor …. [Continue reading]

Chilling in Club Lead

The sign does not lie. Life really is great at 10,200′.

Now, my viewpoint may be colored by weeks of hot and hard riding in Tucson, with temps regularly in the 100’s. Then further biased by an all day drive across Arizona sans A/C in the Corsica (on a 105 day in Tucson). …. [Continue reading]

Last Tacos

I joined Chad for another toasty techy taco ride (the riding was hot, not the tacos!).

It was business as usual — following Chad through crazy overgrowth, on trails long swallowed by monsoon frenzied greenery. It threw him for a loop at first, trying to show me some obscure and new-to-me trails, …. [Continue reading]