Prescott Monster Redemption

Redemption is an actual event, and spending yourself outside is one of its voices.

new colored elevation relief maps, coming to the next version of TopoFusion

This route has been haunting me ever since I twisted my ankle and dropped out of the Prescott Monstercross race. My ankle still isn’t back to normal, …. [Continue reading]

Flagstaff XC

A curious set of circumstances resulted in the brain patterns necessary to convince myself to race “cross country” again. Ironically, a large part of what led me to race XC was the two days of lift served downhilling at Winter Park. I’ll leave the ‘how’ behind that one as an exercise for the reader.

Beyond …. [Continue reading]

Finally some techy tacos!

Chad is back at school, so the Tuesday Techy Taco ride is back on, except this week it was on Wednesday.

We collectively said:

“Sure Chad, let’s climb impossibly technical trails, at 101 degrees and with the afternoon sun beating down on us.”

“Sure Chad, good idea.”

Techy tacos …. [Continue reading]

The meaning of a storm

After a week of riding hard at lower elevations, I was feeling thoroughly cooked. The weekend came and it was time to head up Lemmon.

Chad and I wove our way around the mountain, finding plenty of challenge and a shocking amount of heat. 9000′, climbing hard in the trees and we were …. [Continue reading]

Tucson sucks

Scott Morris reporting for duty, sir. The sky will be watched tonight.

Somebody needs to be there to observe the escalation of color.

And keep an eye out for fires…

Or moving walls.

Oh yes, it’s sky watching season, and I’m loving it.

…. [Continue reading]


As much as I loathe using my car for everyday activities, and as much as I try to ignore it and marginalize it, it really is an amazing piece of technology. And yes, I know, 1996 Chevy Corsicas are amazing in and of themselves. But the idea that you can hop in a car, at …. [Continue reading]


After finishing ~200 miles on the so-called “Dixie Quasi Lite” Loop, I pointed the car north and went back to Salt Lake City. Convalescence was the name of the game, staying and sleeping (a lot!) at my parents house. That house also happens to be the one where I grew up. I ended up staying …. [Continue reading]