winds shifting, sticky air clouds curling over sky islands the trail, flood re-formed with lines unfamiliar

flashes in three directions three storms strategize, tapping available moisture, snakes, scales shine with red light

sunset, the world is on fire monsoon season, Tucson


Wasatch 100 (subtitle: runners are strong, cyclists weak)

This is one of those ones I’ve been talking about for years.

The Wasatch 100 is a running race held every fall. It’s been going on for decades and is regarded as one of the hardest 100’s. 100% of the route is open to bikes. Some sections are frequently ridden. Others… not so much. I’m …. [Continue reading]

Fleeing to Dixie

I was really getting along with summer in Tucson. The high country was open. Morning rides were beautiful. All was well. Then the allergies kicked in, and things went downhill quickly. I operated in dribble mode, with a fuzzy head, for too long before finally bailing for clear mountain air.

I camped solo …. [Continue reading]