More Gila Rambling, day 1.

Last weekend’s Gila River Ramble bikepacking loop was so good that I had to do it again. It was spring break for Chad and he’s got bikepacking on the brain. So we set off to pedal, take in the scenery / greenery, and enjoy this beautiful AZ spring.

Except this time we rode …. [Continue reading]

Gila River Ramble, day 2

It was hard to contain my excitement upon waking up and realizing where I was. A descent of Box Canyon was in my future, followed by pleasant riding all the way to Area 52!

I went all out on this trip, bringing fuel for hot chocolate and oatmeal for breakfast.

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Gila River Ramble, day 1

The Gila river runs between Kelvin and Florence, cutting through some of the most amazing country I have ever laid tire on — from rhyolite cliffs to deep saguaro studded canyons, singletrack to freeride rock mesas and brutal roads. I dreamed up a loop that would comprise all of the ‘goods’ the area …. [Continue reading]

Got the bikepacking bug

Sometimes it seems like memories are triggered by temperature. Perhaps also by the sounds and smells that are accompany the seasons. The warmth this week has seen me thinking about one thing — spring bikepacking in AZ. The prime season is here, now. So Lee and I are heading out for a loop including Ripsey, …. [Continue reading]

Oh Sedona

The SBFL is probably one of the most technical endurance races anywhere. I’ve always been excited about it, but the timing has never been right for me (it is often too close to the AZT 300). This year the 300 is late and the SBFL is early, so I finally got a chance …. [Continue reading]


The first ‘wild’ poppy of the season — ones on highway embankments or other cleared areas don’t count.

As in everything, there always has to be a first, and I have a feeling that thousands more poppies are going to follow. Chad is first when it comes to exploring the Tortolita Mountains. …. [Continue reading]

Tuesday Techy Tacos

Chad Brown, the man is a genius. Who else could dream up the Tuesday Techy Taco ride?

Look how green it is down there!

Who else could lead us onto a trail that’s so steep and loose, it’s ludicrous.

There’s Duncan climbing Suthers. You really have to be there, getting …. [Continue reading]

Catching up

Most of my daily allocation of word power has been going into the dissertation as of late. It’s about time!

Time to catch up a bit.

I keep finding myself at sunset, on the river path. Part coincidence, part orchestrated.

With the volley of storms we’ve been getting, our little river (Rillito) …. [Continue reading]