Agua Caliente from Home

saturday evening’s suburban assault ride with paula — we got thoroughly soaked at the end

I had a hunch that I was ready for long ride, or maybe a hard ride. Why not go for broke and do both? I opened TopoFusion, started loading up and looking at tracks.

I was thinking …. [Continue reading]

50 with G&T

Another very fine afternoon, and another fine ride with G and T.

Check out Sprocket (the pup) watching from his perch.

A nice & juicy chain fruit cholla. Oh the wonders of the Sonoran desert.

A lap of the chutes was obligatory. Tail breezes made it supa …. [Continue reading]

If I have to…

Friends in town… what’s that, you want to ride the Arizona Trail, through Colossal Cave and Pistol Hill?

Let’s see…… 70 degrees, sunny skies, calm winds.

I guess… if I have to! Twist my arm whydoncha!

Greg the photo wizard. Just his presence got me back into photo happy mode.

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24 Hours of Old Pueblo 2010

I think I was unprepared for how much fun Old Pueblo was going to be. You might say I was a little unprepared in general. I didn’t know I was doing the race until three days before the start. Half of 2-Epic was sick, and for some reason the guy from Tucson with almost no …. [Continue reading]


course map by TopoFusion

I got drafted for a 24 Hours of Old Pueblo Team, much to my delight, as I am in race mode and have energy to burn.

Lynda Wallenfels is my partner in the Co-ed Duo category, and she’s as fast and experienced as they come, so if anything the …. [Continue reading]

Sweet winter

Man, I love winter time in AZ. Beautiful weather, minus a rainy day here or there, and trails are almost always dry.

Even better, the dry trails and radiant sun attract friends from afar.

I got to sneak in a chill Sweetwater ride with Tom Purvis, Gary Blakley and their …. [Continue reading]

SSUSA 2010

I blame it on Lynda. When I rode with her last weekend she made singlespeeding look so fun. More fun than it has ever seemed to me.

She was riding a shiny silver Lenz singlespeed. Perhaps coincidentally I had just picked up a shiny silver Lenz frame from Mike on the Kaibab.

As I …. [Continue reading]

Intro to snow bikepacking

The drive north was a little surreal. Fog curled over the Vermillion cliffs, the road was empty, and snow appeared low in the desert.

I met Mike Curiak and Brian Blair at the Jacob Lake Inn. Mike handed me a bicycle, fresh off the jig in Steamboat Springs.

A Snoots — …. [Continue reading]