Yeah, but I can ride rocks

I’ve been in XC enduro weenie mode for far too long. Some would argue that’s the only mode I have (and I’d agree), but it’s a different game when the focus is on cleaning things, challenging yourself. You’re still pushing limits, but perhaps more mental than physical. Heart rate stays low, except for the inevitable adrenaline charged spikes.

Or as Jeny yelled into the darkness, as the rain fell and our chances at completing the Vapor Trail 125 slipped away, “yeah, but I can ride rocks!!!!

Finally got out to the 50 with a good crew ready to stop, study and be challenged.

I was even able to show Jobie and Brian a few new lines.

It’s really cool to see people willing to try and retry. Carla rode some pretty difficult lines out there, including this steep slab (below), which is, of course, steeper than it looks.

Jobie’s confidence is definitely on the upswing.

This guy was happily chowing down on grass until we rolled around the corner. Sorry to disturb breakfast, dude!

As for me, it took a little while to get some confidence up and though I didn’t ride anything new, I rolled a number of lines I normally skip or have only ridden once or twice. Que bien, a beautiful morning. I think we were lucky to cover 12 miles in 4 hours. Awesome.

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