Rock envy

Paula hammered to finish her report cards so we could skip out of town early Friday. Destination: St. George, Utah.

It was primarily a family visit, and the first time in some time that all of my siblings have been together. Pretty special just for that, but I also managed to ride every day.

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A Technical Workout

After spending the first part of the week working out on the road (with eventual trail reward), I decided to flex the technical muscles.

This meant climbing my brains out on Gnat’s Ass trail. I had a good run, but my 36t granny cog (100% necessary on this climb for weaklings like me) still slipped …. [Continue reading]

Full moon FSA

The sun sets. Time to attach lights and ride out from the house.

The crew, led by Mark Flint, pedals past on the river trail. I catch up.

The bats fly. Right on schedule.

A ghost rider coasts through the Sunrise Rd. culvert.

Jobie followed me on …. [Continue reading]


I decided to try my luck at the GR Time Trial. It’s decidedly not an endurance time trial — the best time so far was:

“climb time” 27 minutes 30 seconds “final time” 43 minutes 30 seconds

Making the descend time 16 minutes

I found myself pedaling up the Catalina Highway. I …. [Continue reading]

Rides with P

I finally put away the book of excuses and rode out to Paula’s school for our Friday Sweetie ride.

This is the only thing preventing Paula from a nearly traffic free (14 mile!) commute to work:

(the Santa Cruz River)

I crossed it, but I’m not sure I’d want to do it every …. [Continue reading]

Testing a theory

The Arizona Trail enters the Mt. Wrightson wilderness area soon after leaving the town of Patagonia. The AZT 300 route follows a long detour around the west side of the Santa Rita mountains. One of the great open questions in Tucson mountain biking is whether a viable off-road route exists east of the wilderness area.

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FSA is back

Mark Flint has revived the FSA (Foothills Suburban Assault) night ride. ‘Bout time, says I.

I waited for the group at the Country Club bridge, having ridden from home.

Golden light.

They whizzed by, en route for some bat watching at the Campbell Bridge.

We were just in time …. [Continue reading]

TopoFusion Precursor… bike.pas

Digging through some old files today, I came across a piece of software I wrote when I was 14 years old.

I had just bought my first cyclometer, and was pretty excited about having answers to questions like “how far?” and “how long?”. I was also teaching myself Turbo Pascal and was blown away by …. [Continue reading]