It came time to present my paper on Finding Trails. The place: Anchorage, Alaska.

A perfect destination for a toasty Arizonan. They are having a “crappy” June – 50’s, clouds, rain.


Upon landing I met up with Adam B, who invited me to stay at his place. We rode all over Hillside – …. [Continue reading]

Things got a bit epic…

…in the White Mountains.

Paula’s got a new bike, and we’re planning a singletrack tour this summer. But she’s a runner, not a cyclist. So it would be a good idea to maybe do a long ride or two before embarking on a couple weeks of singletrack riding, right?

Well, before riding the 2,500 mile …. [Continue reading]


It’s summer in Tucson, but life moves on. Maybe just shifted a little earlier.

A hot race downtown, followed by a cold movie in the fox theater. I rode at Sentinel Peak after the race, and it was a cooker. I think I would have died if I tried to run 5k, but …. [Continue reading]


Paula got a new bike. DHL held it hostage for a few days, but it was waiting to be built when we got back from Mexico. Her passport/visa got held up, so she had to bail out on the China trip.

That means it’s time to ride, 29ers.

First ride was simple – …. [Continue reading]