Enchanted Recon

Pretty cool to start a bike tour from your house. I pedaled across Tucson early. I didn’t need an early start, except to avoid traffic in town.

Soon enough I was climbing Redington Road. The desert spoke silence to me. Quite a contrast from the AZT 300 racers who dodged gunfire and all …. [Continue reading]

Arizona Trail 300

The ’07 AZT 300 is now over. For all the info, including some writeups, go to:


Congratulations to the only finishers and race winners, Tim McCabe and Zach Macdonald. They rode into the Alamo Canyon trailhead, the finish line, after four days, fifteen hours and forty two minutes on the trail. That’s …. [Continue reading]

Apache Pass

Lee and I have been thinking about a return to Apache Pass all winter. But it wasn’t happening.

Then I got a .GPX file in my Inbox. A line overlaid on a map. Nothing more. As soon as I saw Lee had added something new to the route, I was in.

Chimney Canyon. The unknown. …. [Continue reading]