The weekend AZT event was quite fun. I joined the gate crew and helped Mark cut two fences (yes!) and install cowboy gates. I can’t believe I was party to making the AZT 300 course easier. Negotiating the many fences of the Cienega Corridor, at 2am after 100+ miles on the bike was a …. [Continue reading]


I rode that singleswizzle thing hard, I guess. I’m hoping it didn’t set me back too far.

There’s a time to ride easy and a time to not ride at all. But I miss my big bike and the technical trails.

Sometimes it’s just about getting out. I’ve been doing a bit of trail work. …. [Continue reading]


I haven’t done a race of less than 140 miles in >two years. The ‘event’ (SSAZ) was 40 miles of some of my favorite trails in Tucson, so I really couldn’t resist.

Except that it’s a ‘singlespeed only’ event. I did the course mapping for Dejay, and he had invited me to participate …. [Continue reading]

Northwest Passage

More Catalina “FR” riding today with Louis. We hit some spectacular spots and rode some very hard lines.

I couldn’t get the camera out fast enough to catch him in action. Sometimes I’d just watch and shake my head. Impressive stuff.

We laid out a brand new line, complete with 3 foot drop, …. [Continue reading]


Gluttony continues here in Tookson. Might as well live before you die.

I’ve done so many good rides lately that I can’t keep track, let alone keep up.

Jay shows me how it’s done through the rock jam. On the rigid karate monkey, no less. It doesn’t look hard, but I couldn’t get out …. [Continue reading]


There was talk of rain all day, but it was just the usual paranoia. 48 and patchy sun as I left the house at 8a.

Nice crisp morning for pedaling through the university. Lee, Zach and I met up with the TMP trail crew in the parking lot. We left on bike, they left on …. [Continue reading]