At last, a return to CDO and upper Lemmon riding.

We flashed Meadow and upper Lemmon. Before I knew it we were through the 1995 burn area, high on Suthers and Sammie. Not a single downed tree (I think Louis cleared one before I got there), and overgrowth was as pushed back as I’ve seen …. [Continue reading]


Just got word that Paula smoked the Freescale Marathon in 2:45, which means she’s officially qualified for the 2008 Olympic Trials! Yee-haw!

The weather was far from ideal — freezing temps and misty. Leading up to the race they were forecasting freezing rain. At least it didn’t come to that. Still, an awesome performance for …. [Continue reading]


I spent the afternoon fooling around on my bike, this time with platform pedals. Yesterday I felt like crap, today I felt really good. My legs weren’t tired, I had plenty of air for my lungs and my feet felt good. A complete about face from Friday’s malaise.

It’s been years since I’ve ridden a …. [Continue reading]

Baby J

I went for a ride on Sutherland and Baby Jesus today. I’ve had better rides. Ever since my feet started bothering me I’ve had some bad experiences on the bike. I’m still heading out every day, but often the rides have been less than 2 hours. I know, sitting around the house, that I want …. [Continue reading]

24 or not to four?

Some awesome rides lately on the Behemoth and B-29. Both bikes are very different but very fun to ride. Unfortunately I’m having shoe and other gear problems, so things aren’t really hunky dory. I’ve been spending a lot of time experimenting with various things — bars, grips, shoes, lights, forks, etc. The results are sometimes …. [Continue reading]

Lenz Sport Behemoth

I’ve had my Behemoth for about 3 weeks and have so far ridden it in Tucson (home base), Phoenix (mmm.. South Mountain), El Paso and Austin (City Park). It’s got some good hours on it.

On my first spin I was immediately impressed with how well the bike pedals. Under cover of darkness I forgot …. [Continue reading]

The Highway of the Devil

El Camino Del Diablo – January 23, 2006 by Scott Morris

The “highway of the devil” – so named from the original 1540 expedition comissioned by Francisco Vasquez de Coronado due to the hardships encountered. The route lived up to its name during the 1849 gold rush. Some traveled during summer to avoid Apache marauders, …. [Continue reading]


I’ve fallen slack in updating here, not because there’s nothing to write about, but that there’s too much to write about and not enough time!

Lee and I successfully completed a traversal of the Camino Del Diablo from Ajo to Yuma, AZ. It was an awesome ride. Pictures and a full writeup will be forthcoming. …. [Continue reading]