South Rim

We are now at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

We left Flagstaff thinking that it was going to be muddy and possibly very snowy. But basically we only ran into piles of four to five foot deep snow drifts that we were able to ride across for the most part. The snow was mixed with mud and downed trees. But after that section, we hit the lower desert and completely dry conditions all the way to the Grand Canyon. We were able to stay on the Arizona Trail the entire time. The highlight of the day was definitely riding the Coconino trail into sunset. And, at night we rode 3 or 4 miles on nice single track with great views. It was a welcome change from some of the previous difficult riding sections. We camped on the Coconino trail.

In the morning we took the Tusayan bike trial over to Tusayan and continued north on to the Grand Canyon on dirt back roads. We spent the rest of the day planning our battle plan for the Grand Canyon as far as where to camp, snow conditions and how we will work everything else.

We’re leaving tomorrow to head down the Canyon and back up the other side.

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