We’re still in Flagstaff but we managed to ride the AZT north of town to Snow Bowl road today. Troy Marino was our guide and was a blast to ride with. He was rolling and hopping over stuff on his singlespeed that I was dabbing on. Fun to watch, but more fun was to ride the excellent trails up there. After all the rough trails and brutal conditions the AZT has dished up it was nice to ride some fun, fast trails. We got up to around 8500 feet and saw snow/muck, but this was south facing, so conditions further on are still unknown.

We’ll head out early tomorrow morning to restart off Hart Prairie RD hoping for a dry road so we can continue with the AZT. Things are also looking better for the north rim. So: two days to the south rim, then we begin the big hike across the canyon.

Thanks to Troy and Dara for inviting us to stay at their house, and for the guiding and route advice. Also, my fork is at last holding air thanks to Bryce at AZ bikes. We’ve found nothing but helpful friendly folks here in Flagstaff. We’re almost sorry to leave, but the trail calls.

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