50 and bye bye helmet

I met Lee on the west side of town to help him install a fountain then go for a ride on the 50 year trail. Everything went well and according to plan until I realized that I left my helmet at the cafe on the west side.

It was about time to retire the helmet, …. [Continue reading]

Tubac 25

Yesterday most of Arizona got pounded with rain. My backyard & patio flooded, thunder cracked and cats freaked out. A little further to the north and west, a few thousand mountain bikers struggled and suffered in the rain and mud at the 24 hour race. I’m sorry to have missed the epic conditions but also …. [Continue reading]

Saddle Up

Big ride for me today, at least biggest my road bike has seen in the past few years. It was all of 60 miles and 4 hours. The time flew by as Shane and I talked up a storm.

We rode up Oracle (which is akin to riding on the freeway), then climbed towards …. [Continue reading]

Copper Creek

The clouds hung heavy over Copper Creek as we pedaled up through the Galiuro Mountains. It was a beautiful day to be out riding.

I rode with John Hubbard, who had plenty of spirit, up the first part of the climb. I was standing on my pedals wondering how singlespeeders ride this road. I hadn’t …. [Continue reading]

Dragoons North

A map, a road, another road; a route.

Respectively: TopoFusion, Fourr Canyon, unnamed 4×4 road; the Dragoons northern loop.

Lee and I coasted through the town of Dragoon, carried by cold morning winds. We rolled out of town on a lonely dirt road, heading south to Fourr Canyon.

In 1907 Billy Fourr guarded the …. [Continue reading]

Trail rrrruns

I finally got out to run a few trails.

First was Agua Caliente. We picked up my lost wheel, sharing a friendly conversation with the owner of the house on Fort Lowell Rd. I’ll park on the other corner now.

The wind has been blowing relentlessly from the east for the past 4 days. Today …. [Continue reading]

Dark Brown Mountain

I rode South along the Santa Cruz river, enjoying a blaster of a tailwind. I knew that the trail does not exist for an extended section, but decided to attempt to follow it anyway.

I saw ATV trails, surprisingly fun ATV trails. I passed by a very active homeless camp with piles of garbage surrounding …. [Continue reading]

Agua Caliente

Good technical workout on Agua Caliente this evening. Paula was in tow, on foot. We really enjoy this trail since a bike is rarely an advantage. If it were a race from the bottom to top, she’d cream me any day. I would win on the way back down, but not by too much.

We …. [Continue reading]