Two excellent rides on Creastmas and its eve.

For the first I met up with Mark Flint and other folks to ride the new Arizona Trail in the Rincon Valley. Rudi showed us all up by riding out to it. It was cold enough that he was using a discarded hardhat to shield his hands. …. [Continue reading]

Isla Tiburon

I was joined by Lee, Paula and Matt for a little adventure into Mexico this weekend. The destination: Tiburon Island.

Tiburon Island sits in the Sea of Cortez between Sonora and Baja California. It is a sacred place for the Seri, one of the last group of people in the western world that still remain …. [Continue reading]

AZT Superior

Lee and I continued our AZT exploration, starting where we finished last time:

Start of the Boulders section, heading north of Freeman Road.

The ground and trail were frosty as we headed out. Immediately we passed a cache of water for thru-hikers. Empty gallon jugs were floating around, sort of in a mess. …. [Continue reading]

Round 42

Steve A. blew into town which means it’s time to ride.

Round 1: Elephant Head. I rode my full, which was fun for a while, then annoying. I missed the hardtail. This ride has destroyed quite a few fools, but Steve A hops into it after three to nine months of not riding (somewhere in …. [Continue reading]