Final Two Days

7/27 to Whitefish, Montana

There was doubt in the air as we cycled more quiet back roads in through the Swan river valley. We were rolling off the final 200 miles of the ride, but did we have what it takes to do it in two days? Since entering Montana the terrain and our pace …. [Continue reading]


Last night at 9:10pm we crossed the Canadian Border at the port of Roosville. The trip took 38 days and about 12 hours. It is bittersweet ending, but we couldn’t be happier: the trip was a success beyond our expectations. I am somewhat at a loss for words, so I’ll just go with some numbers …. [Continue reading]

This is It

A quick update today.

We arrived in Whitefish, MT last night around 9:45 pm after riding 97 miles. We are now poised to strike: Roosville (Canadian border crossing and end of the trail) is 100 miles from here. If all goes well we will finish before nightfall tonight.

The bob wheel barely rolls at this …. [Continue reading]

194 miles to go, loving Montana

7/25 – Lincoln, MT

We were up and moving quickly. We walked into town to find breakfast and hopefully some tights. Breakfast was good and filling. As we waited a guy with a Bob pulled up. Dave (who we had heard about from the two other GDMBR riders, Matt and Steve) about crapped his pants …. [Continue reading]

Montana mountain biking


We awoke somewhat late to sample the free breakfast downstairs at the Super 8. And sample it we did–until our stomachs reached the bursting point. We left the hotel amazingly before checkout time of 11am to seek out the bike shop, the Outdoorsman.

We went in and asked for new housing and cable for …. [Continue reading]

Ride for Life


Beautiful riding weather today, and we definitely took advantage of it. The day started with 6 miles of pavement on the I-15 frontage road out of Lima, Montana. We then took a left onto the Big Sheep Creek / Medicine Lodge backcountry byway, a dirt road in the mountains.

Washboard! But it soon …. [Continue reading]

Into Montana…


Things further north seem to be getting easier and easier. Today we knocked off 97 miles without too much of a problem, and with less moving time that yesterday’s 79. Either we are getting stronger or the ride is getting easier. I think it is a little bit of both.

We got a very …. [Continue reading]

More good miles


Seeing Paula’s family was a great addition to the trip. It was a 4 hour drive for them to come meet us in Rawlins, and it worked out rather well. We ate enormous amounts of food, they restocked our dried mango supply and we were able to spent almost a full day together.

It …. [Continue reading]

Into the desert yet again…


Absolutely perfect riding today. We were treated to nice weather, a challenging and long climb and a beautiful downhill run all the way to the day’s end. It was almost too good to be true.

We spent the morning shopping–Walmart 2 miles from the motel, City Market for groceries and a bagel/yogurt for breakfast. …. [Continue reading]



Resting in Silverthorne (our first rest day). Food, food and more food. We ate ourselves so silly that we had to stay up late digesting all our food. We also saw Farheineit 9/11. It was very, very strange to not ride for a day. My legs were ready for it and kept asking when …. [Continue reading]

Good luck in Hartsel, on to Silverthorne and I-70


I must have slept a little bit funny, because when I awoke my right hip was hurting and it was difficult to walk (it felt fine the night before). This is not good, but isn’t related to riding, or so I think.

Lee joined us for a big breakfast at the Country Cafe down …. [Continue reading]

To Salida


Lee is always one for devious plans. And today was no exception. He noticed a large bend in the GDMBR route that could be shortcutted to make a loop. This would enable him to drive out, cut the loop, then ride with us for a few days back towards Salida. And it’s in an …. [Continue reading]

High Country Riding


An incredible day today. We started somewhat late out of Abiquiu (elev. 5900) to begin one of today’s many climbs. The first was on pavement for 12 or so miles to the town of El Rito (elev. 7000). It was easy enough, but last night’s downpour left the air quite humid, so we really …. [Continue reading]