Thanksgiving in Moab

We’re off to Moab for the break.

It’s been three years since my last Moab trip, so I’m excited. It used to be a regular pilgrimage for me when I lived in Salt Lake City: an escape from the winter with its snowed over, icy trails.

Now, for some strange reason, we’re heading north to …. [Continue reading]


It seems winter is here. Tucson is now, officially, the place to be.

I’ve heard about inches of snow in SLC, Flagstaff, wherever… so I’m very grateful to be where I am, riding and happy. It’s even cold here. We finally got below freezing this morning. Saturday’s ride was on the chilly side, whether you’re …. [Continue reading]


Our CVPR paper, “finding trails” (in Terraserver imagery) is done and submitted, at last. Now onto new things.

Two rides out on Suburban Assault. On the first I realized the first Dick McGee switchback was ridable (I’ve never even attempted it before). A new possibility opened: riding the whole thing.

On the second ride I …. [Continue reading]



I haven’t been this cold in some time. Once your hands and feet go numb while riding, they don’t come back.

Odin and I set off for Green Mountain, with the ambitious aim of riding it backwards. But at the bottom of the Catalina Highway there was a flourescent sign that read “no bikes …. [Continue reading]


2do Rally de Montana in Hermosillo, Mexico.

A 66k mountain bike race in the foothills near Hermosillo. 8000 pesos ($800) for first place, trailing off quickly down to fifth. Originally the race was supposed to be 100k, and it should be next year.

The trip down was draining and difficult, as usual. We arrived to …. [Continue reading]

The Window

We spent a nice day up in the Catalinas today. Hottie ran with her friends in the morning, then we headed off to Ventana Canyon. Destination: the Window.

This is an arduous hike, but well worth the trip. The trail is faint and overgrown for most of the trip and you climb around 4000 feet …. [Continue reading]

Coronado K-8

Woke up at 6am and was out the door at 6:45am on my hard tail, heading for a trail work party near the 50 year trail.

It’s been a while since I’ve ridden up Oracle. I used to head up there to ride Sutherland, Pie Jesu or Deer Camp with Stevie A, but those times …. [Continue reading]