Just got back from a short backpacking trip to the Chiricahua Mountains. The warmup for Frank Church continues, and this was a very good trip.

The thing that struck me most was how easy the trails were to hike on, even with packs. I guess I’ve been doing too many hikes in the front range …. [Continue reading]

Sky Island Pt II

Trip 2.

First ride – short one between boy scout camps and then the traditional ‘warmup ride.’

Next day – Did a shortened version of the loop I cut my face open on (avoiding the lower section of trail where I crashed, though it isn’t tough). This time the temps were a bit cooler and …. [Continue reading]

Tucson Mountains GPS

6/13/03 – Went out with an equestrian to GPS a local trail in the Tucson mountains. The trail was spectacular (for a local, outskirts trail) and seems to lead right into Saguaro National Park, or possibly a small part of TMP. I got it on GPS and have it available for Steve A.

It …. [Continue reading]

Oracle Ridge #1

Today we completed a smaller version of a loop I’ve been waiting to do again for over a year now: Oracle Ridge Trail #1.

The upper 2.5 miles are still closed due to the Bullock fire. But this meant the opportunity to try out the eastern approach to Dan Saddle through the mining roads.

…. [Continue reading]

Samaniego Tree Clearing Run

Samaniego Ridge – Trail work and ride – 6/8/03

Map and Pictures from the ride

Sunday was the Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists’ trail work and group ride on Samaniego ridge. I was the ride leader and was pleasantly surprised that there seemed to be significant interest. I needed all the people I could get to …. [Continue reading]

Green Mountain

Today we spent out on the closed and burned Green Mountain trail. A group of 12 was out to help reopen this incredible trail.

The work was fun and a stark contrast to working on desert trails. I spent the first part searching and hauling large rocks while others of the crew sent giant ones …. [Continue reading]

Trip Report

We’re back from our trip to an Arizona Sky Island. The temperatures were cool–even cold at night. The riding was even cooler–spectacular in fact.

We went for a short, ~2 hour ride in the evening upon our arrival. No one else was out there.

The next morning we got off early and headed …. [Continue reading]


We’re off for a few days of camping and riding in the Sky Islands of Southern Arizona.

We should return either Wednesday or Thursday when we’ll be able to respond to email again. Thanks.