The rain last night made for a nice cool morning.

Yesterday I saw on the radar and in person that the west side of town was getting pounded by rain. The sky was clear where I was riding in the foothills, but very dark out by the Tucson Mountains.

This morning, a rareity: a …. [Continue reading]

Rain 2

More rain this evening. This time I took advantage of it and went out for a ride. The air was crisp and the streets fresh.

A few people were out enjoying it, but it seemed most people were driving their cars home from work. I waited for at least 2 minutes to cross Grant in …. [Continue reading]


It’s raining, almost hard.

Last year at this time Coronado National Forest closed to the public due to extreme fire danger. This year, things are looking much better.

We completed our first run backpacking trip in the Catalina’s. Right before we left, Terraserver changed its address. All old versions of TopoFusion will no longer download …. [Continue reading]


Just got back from a suburban assualt ride. Another cool morning to be thankful for. Things are still clear here and my knee is doing well, so there is much to be grateful for.

I flatted in the best possible place along the route. There is a small patch of grass that is shaded by …. [Continue reading]

Starr Pass

We are nearing the completion of our beta testing phase. The next full release will happen soon. Then we’re going to have to promote it in one way or another. My hatred for advertising and commercialism makes this very difficult for me. But we have simply worked too hard on TopoFusion to not get more …. [Continue reading]

Brother Ahlgren

Awake @5am. Went off to pick up recently in-town Ahlgren; he is still sporting his mullet.

We rode up Cargodera Canyon on FS 643, otherwise known as Sutherland trail. I have never seen a road that is more strewn with rocks. What a devil of a climb! Past Baby Jesus the trail starts to …. [Continue reading]

Image Processing

I’m working on more image (map) processing stuff. I’ve added brightness and contrast adjustment. Plus, a new take on overlaying topo on aerials. Combining the images like that leads to some cool and weird looking maps. The topo lines are coming out nicely, though.

All this stuff will only be available in “combo” mode. You …. [Continue reading]

Agua Caliente

Tomorrow I’ll be leading a ride called Agua Caliente to Milagrosa for SDMB. It’s a nice little technical climb with a few hike-a-bike sections. I’ve never really heard of anyone riding this trail, but it’s definitely worth it. We’ll connect over to Milagrosa for the last half of its descent. The connector drops into a …. [Continue reading]


We’re starting to wrap up the beta and hopefully will be due for a full release soon. Many of the new features are very exciting.

In the meantime I have wrapped up school and had family visit. Backtracking…

5/7/03 – Last day of classes. They will be mailing my MS degree this summer. But I …. [Continue reading]


Today was the Cinco de Mayo race out near Starr Pass.

Hottie, the defending champ, had a horrible race and got beat. She’s been really tired lately, but it’s just how it goes with racing. Bad races suck, but there isn’t much you can do about them.

I remember hobbling around last year’s Cinco race, …. [Continue reading]

More Suffering

It’s time to begin again, again.

I just went out for a short ride and my knee feels like it did two weeks ago. Two days ago I was sitting at this desk when I spun clockwise on my chair, whacking my knee in the process. Of course, it was the same knee and in …. [Continue reading]