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This is Beta: 5.55

(note: check here as the most recent full release may be more recent than the current beta)

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Installation Instructions

Remember that beta versions are largely untested software, so use at your own risk! It is recommended that you backup all GPS data before installing the BETA version.

Also note that it's easy to upgrade betas or switch back to the full public release. Just run the installer on top of your current installation. It's quick and easy -- no need to uninstall or anything.

Beta Notes

For discussion and more details on beta features, be sure to check the Beta Forum

5.55 - 4/30/2019

Changed servers for Elevation Data - Worldwind shutting down May 3, 2019
New Elevation data is higher resolution
All older Worldwind data downloaded will be deprecated (new elevation data
will need to be downloaded everywhere)
Removed 3d setting for interpolation - Bilinear is the only option now
Changed server for worldwide Landsat images - due to Worldwind Shutdown

5.54 - 3/4/2019

Fixed issues exporting waypoints to .CSV and added 'type'
Small update to hidden sat images

5.54 - 11/5/2018

Restored Land Ownership, added from previous beta
Adjusted settings and consistency of “Map->Blend Land Ownership” function.
Fixed access to deprecated MSRMaps using UseMSRMaps=1 in .INI file
Restored access to Canadian Topos

5.53 - 10/6/2018

Added Land Ownership map type, including Map->Blend Land Ownership, which sets
   up a combo blend mode with the current map type and land ownership layer.
Fixed hidden sat tiles

5.52 - 9/1/2018

Fixed problem with some elevation tiles not downloading

5.5 - 7/22/2018

Restored access to Elevation data and LANDSAT tiles
Removed Juicy Trails layer from map menu (server removed)
Updated hidden sat tiles
New 2018 Splash Screen

5.481 - 7/3/2018

Updated hidden sat tiles

5.48 – 10/30/2017

Restored access to USGS Imagery due to server change – expanded coverage?
Added support for “Dark” colors in gpxx:displaycolor – read/write
Fixed hang/crash in “goto coordinate”
Updated hidden sat tiles
Fixed hang in loading many photos at one time (looped linked list)

5.47 – 8/21/17

Fixed Runtime error in Batch Download tool
Added help/explanation to Batch Download tool

5.46 - 7/26/17

Further work on SSL refcount error

5.45 – 7/25/17

Further work on SSL refcount error
Further work on SSL through proxy server

5.44 – 7/15/17

Added API key for Open Cycle Map tiles (removing watermark)
Added support for “Basic” type authenticated proxy servers
Fixed 'divide by zero' in mercator tilesets when at extreme latitudes
Improved error checking for lat/lon 'Goto-coordinate'
Added “Toggle Downloading” to the Toggles menu
Restored access to Juicy Trails maps
Changed Tileset dropdown to always be in 'simple' mode (removing 0.003, 0.062 
  numbered tilesets), for easier use.
Increased precision of track distance in File Properties (only)
Removed menu options and tileset dropdown for old style Topo/BW Aerial maps continues to be offline, does not seem to be coming back
  To enable on legacy copies of TopoFusion, edit TopoFusion.ini file and change
  UseMSRMaps=0 to UseMSRMaps=1

5.43 – 4/17/17

Fixed elevation download (server now requires HTTPS)
Fixed waypoint symbols in KML files with spaces

5.42 - 3/27/17

Added waypoint icons (all 96 suported in TopoFusion's GPX format) to KML
  exports.  Icons now import to google maps, for example.
Added quicker reporting of Open Aerial/Mapquest over quota download errors
Improved prompts for Open Aerial/Mapquest over quota error

5.41 - 3/10/17

USGS Imagery restored (now using HTTPS)

5.39 - 1/15/2017

Added ability to read SSL-encrypted (secure) tiles
Restored access to the following tilesets: US Topo, Color, Open Topo Maps (which
  now works worldwide), also '7' key.
Changed 'isMoving' to include missing time stamps and negative times, for 
  better consitency in files that have bad time data (e.g. merged files)
PhotoFusion thumbnails now scale up with “Export View” exports, using the
  “Scale fonts/etc” option.

5.32 - 10/6/2016

Added prompts in 'download disabled' dialog about Mapquest tiles and API key
Switched Find->Search to separate API key, due to continued usage of tile key

5.31 - 9/12/2016

Added ability to add Mapquest API key (Options->Preferences->Tiles->Mapquest API        
  Key) , so users can have their own 15,000 tile allocation of tiles.  Sign up
  for a key at: 
Removed Topo/Aerial/Urban from KMZ export, due to server being down indefinitely
Fixed issue with Lat/Lon grid in datums other than WGS84
Changed PhotoFusion HTML export to use USTopo and Color tilesets instead of
  deprecated Topo/Aerial

5.30 - 7/17/2016

Restored access to Mapquest's Open Aerial and Street tilesets

5.26 - [7/2/2016]

Fixed additional issues with waypoints coming up in right click when not near
Fixed zero length segments (tracks within a file) in new Tracks area of File

5.25 - [5/27/2016]

Added a Tracks area in File Properties, giving a list of tracks within the file
  Double click to zoom map to a track.  Right click to fill the table with
  points and for other options (delete, edit track properties).
Added Smooth Elevation data (filter) button to Climbing Analysis (and File
  Properties dialog).  Button applies a box filter of width 5 to the data for 
  each press.
Changed global elevation gain algorithm to include a box filter of width 5.
  This affects the profile tool and elevation gain stats in active file list.
  The change was made to help give more realistic climbing numbers.
Added shortcut key for opening/closing the active file list -- Spacebar
Fixed issue with cursor changing to magnifying glass with certain files loaded
Fixed issue with waypoints always coming up in right click with certain files
Improved response of Climbing Analysis when missing DEM tiles or with
  downloading disabled
Changed “Training Center” preset to “Strava/Garmin Connect”
Fixed individual point NO_TIME loading .KML files without time
When saving, filled 'name' element in GPX with name of file, if file only has    
  one track

5.21 - [2/25/16]

Fixed access to hidden tilesets

5.20 – [1/20/16]

Added instantaneous Grade display to track drawing
New 2016 Splash Screens
Fixed potential crashes with splining and simplifying, especially multiple times
  In a session
Fixed access to Juicy Trails tileset
Clarified text on spline dialog
Added text to Download Disabled dialog when using MSRmaps tiles (server
  Continues to work intermittently

5.12 – [9/22/15]

Reworked “Map” menu to be more intuitive and grouped by map type
Created “Toggle” menu, with toggles originally in Map menu
Set "US Topo" minimum zoom to 15, while server continues to give 503 errors
Added "Highlight files missing from Logbook" function to download tracks dialog
Possible fix of crash issues in Live Tracking when saving out live track to GPX
Fixed issue with uploaded tracks not showing up on newer Garmin units (due to
  being stored as  not  in GPX). (e.g. files from

5.11 – [6/29/15]

Fixed access to my-Topo server

5.1 – [6/18/15] (Beta)

Added new European topo maps (
Added support for gpxx:DisplayColor attribute in GPX files
Improved memory usage for files with large number of waypoints
Added support for KMZ exports from google maps ‘engine’ (.kmz without doc.kml)
Improved speed (clipping) for selection and manipulation of large files
Added download support for Garmin Fenix units (.fit format)
Fixed Insert point not always inserting points (after deleting points)
Fixed Canadian Topos access string (2 insignificant layers removed)
Fixed reading missing elevations in .FIT files
Fixed access for GM tiles
Removed reporting of elevations below -200m
Fixed bug loading .kml files with more than 100 track segments

New 5.06 added 11/23/14 - fixes hidden tileset access

5.06 – [10/15/14] (Beta)

Fixed “Access Violation in Paint” bug when dealing with bad server tiles
-Possible source of many intermittent crashes
“Correct Elevation using DEM” button now affects/assigns waypoint elevations
  (previously only trackpoints were affected)
Fixed D3D errors when using GPS Livetracking and coming back from 
   Hibernation/Sleep mode

5.05 - [10/8/14]  (Beta)

Fixed Color Aerial tileset due to server change
Fixed USTopo tileset due to server change
Fixed USGSImagery tileset due to server change
Fixed source of crash in Live Tracking with Garmin USB devices
Added experimental auto track join to Debug menu

4.86 - [4/18/14]   (Beta)

Added new "USGS Imagery" tileset (Color Aerials, some very high res).  Find it
  in the map menu.  Shortcut key "U" reassigned from Urban to USGS Imagery.
US Topo DRG server deprecated.  Replaced with new USGS Topo basemap server, with
  faster response and more up to date maps.  Not topo quads, though.
Color Aerial tileset response significantly improved.  Less "retry" tiles and   
  server errors.
New 2014 Splash/About screens
Added 38400 baud rate to GPS dialog
Added error message for newer google map kml files (while https support is being 
  investigated for addition to TF).
Updated google sat tileset request string.
Fixed runner icon coming up on profile when profiling tracks without elevation
Fixed intermittent crash when switching from merging tracks to drawing a new one
Fixed issue removing (clearing) a track segment's name
Fixed erroneous trksg elements in .FIT download (e.g. Edge 800)
    -Caused uploaded tracks to be invisible on some GPS units
Updated NSIS for installer, to remove "This program may not have installed correctly"
  message on Windows 7/8.

4.85 - [11/14/13]

Added Trackleaders off-road penalty scoring system to debug dialog (under dev)

4.84 - [11/6/13]

Added auto track splitting for MiniHomer download

4.83 – [10/31/13] (Beta)

Fixed issue saving out live track, causing “TopoFusion is not responding”
Added debug dialog support for MiniHomer GPS, via GPSBabel
Further forced Garmin mass storage GPS units to upload in GPX, not TCX

4.82 - [10/13/13] (Beta)

Added true north bearing to comment field of PhotoFusion placed photos/waypoints
Fixed date input for NMEA raw log imports (.txt)
Fixed double clicked GPX file association when TF not already running
Changed Garmin 705 (and others) upload from TCX to GPX
Fixed jittery playback in profile tool (single track playback) when zoomed out
Fixed profile tool positioning for tracks with sub-second GPS data

4.81 - [8/15/13]

Fixed cursor elevation display with "Bicubic accurate" interpolation

4.80 - [8/14/13]

Added new server for Landsat and Elevation data
  OnEarth server has been retired
  Elevation data now available above 60* and below 60*!
  Removes issues between NED (US only) and SRTM (global)
  Option for force SRTM removed
  Landsat imagery now true color reflectance (instead of Mars-like color)
  Better resolution, especially outside the USA
Fixed moving time calculation for reversed tracks in profile tool
Increased possible size of KMZ tiled map exports

4.79 - [7/26/13]

Fixed profile errors with tracks missing time, introduced in 4.78
Added Trackleaders FastMarker export

4.78 - [7/25/13]  (Beta)

Fixed KMZ tiled map exports for over 500 tiles at a time
Fixed speed display for sub-second GPX files

4.77 - [5/16/13]

Added new tileset - Juicy Trails - 'J' key shortcut

4.76 - [4/16/13]

Added address searching feature (Goto->Search Address)using MapQuest's nominatim 
  service, based On Open Street Map data.  CTRL-F brings up search dialog.  Requires
  Internet access.  Replaces old "GIS Layers" city search. 
Improved handling of bad/down/slow server responses
  "Downloading disabled" message only appears when tileset you are viewing is
  having trouble
Added "Retrying" tiles to better show server response times/errors
Increased size and length of time photos stay visible in upper/right during
  Single track playback
Improved time/elevation reading of raw NMEA log files (.log import)
Fixed reporting of free memory, disabled display of tile memory cache size
Fixed thread errors loading networked KML files
Fixed memory leak in tile downloading stack
Reordered Map Menu to better reflect priority/reliability of tilesets/servers

4.75 - [3/15/13] (Beta)

Further development of UA GPS Analysis tool

4.74 - [2/13/13] (Beta)

Further development of UA GPS Analysis tool
Added 2013 Pro screen shot

4.73 – [2/7/13]  (Beta)

Downloading from .FIT devices (eg Garmin 800) retrieves only last 24 hours 
  by default.
Fixed temperature plots and shading for sub-zero (F) temperatures
Added support for new SPOT-API .spot files (read/write), also “save as..”
  for .spot files.

4.72 – [1/3/12]  (Beta)

Fixed files not opening when double-clicked and TF already opening
Additions to Mariposa UA GPS analysis tool.

4.71 – [11/8/12] (Beta)

Added range rings for PLS type waypoints (Search and Rescue).  Choose PLS for
  waypoint symbol, then set interval between range rings in the “Comment” field
Fixed non-functional “Old Topo” menu item in the map folder

4.67 – [10/21/12]  (Beta)

Added support for per GPS point temperatures (e.g. Garmin Tempe sensor)
  Including profile tool, track shading, track properties
Added ability to read .FIT files
Added support for Garmin Edge 800/500, also Fenix and any other units that 
  communicate by .FIT files
Added new mouse mode – Info Tool.  Use to query tracks and waypoints to
  get on-screen stats.  Clicking on a point brings up it's properties view.
Added option to scale line width, fonts and waypoint sizes when exporting maps 
  (Export View function).  Checkbox turns on scaling to match what is seen in
  current map view
Added shortcut to “Reset TopoFusion to default settings” to start menu on
  install.  Useful for debugging issues with the software (more effective than
Improved download queue behavior when a tileset (server) is unresponsive
Improved shaded relief quality in highest detail setting (when zoomed in)
Improved speed of filling track points table in File Properties
  Files with less than 8000 points now loaded by default
Fixed access violation in using “Merge Files and save as...” when using edited
  tracks with deleted points or files with multiple un-named tracks
Fixed crash in using the merge tool to save out empty files (nothing merged)
Fixed error disabling downloading with modal forms shown (about, options)
Fixed 'Real Time Playback' option in multi-playback when using skip stopped time

4.66 – [9/7/12]  (Beta)

Changed Astro live tracking centering to only center, not zoom on track
Fixed off by one error(s) converting trackpoint to waypoint
Improved display of downloading tiles while drawing tracks
Added ability to save kml/tcx/shp file when creating a new file with waypoints

4.31 [10/14/11]  (Beta)

Fixed missing tiles in Open Aerial tileset (ignoring bad server responses)

4.3 [10/13/11] (Beta)

Fixed corrupt myTopo maps due to server change (chunked responses)
Added ability to read .KMZ files (zipped .kml)
Added new unit type "Nautical" for nautical miles and knots
Added ability to expire all maps for OSM, Open Cycle, Mapquest, Open Aerial and
  myTopo maps (Options->Preferences->Tilesets)
Improved accuracy/detail when adding elevation data to tracks
Changed encoding of all xml files (GPX, KML, etc) to ISO-8859-1 from UTF-8 to
allow special characters
Fixed error 380 with Garmin Astro Live Tracking
Fixed "place waypoint" button on Goto form to copy both coordinates

4.22 [7/6/11]  (Beta)

Changed waypoint coordinate adding/editing to one text box
Added "Highlight File in Active List" to waypoint right click menu
Fixed pausing when switching to 3D mode
Fixed problem with logbook notes not being saved
Fixed clearing of waypoint description (couldn't clear before)
Fixed duplicate waypoint descriptions in KML files (when desc was blank)
Fixed myTopo, OSM and other new tilesets not downloading with DXT1 off
Fixed downloading tiles at extreme latitudes in Landsat 64* tileset
Fixed box-selection of points across UTM zone boundaries
Removed "Lookat" element for KML files without time info

4.21 - [6/17/11]  (Beta)

Fixed Land Ownership Layer (alternate server address)
Custom WMS servers can now load straight from IP address (no hostname)
Fixed "Error reading kml data from server" messages when reloading files

4.12 - [5/5/11]  (Beta)

Added "Skip stopped time in all tracks" option to multiplayback dialog
Added ability to display Lat/Lon grid (options->preferences->units->grids)
Fixed new KML export to include  elements
 (fixed tracks not showing up upon import to google earth)
KML no longer an "export", but full save asÂ… functionality
Fixed font issues (missing text) in multiplayback and SPOT replays when 
  Waypoint shadow was disabled
Fixed further error 380 Form_resize problems with active file list splitter
Changed defaults for waypoint font

4.11 - [4/28/11]  (Beta)

Added new map types:
-Mapquest OSM: Mapquest's Open Street Map tiles (shortcut key = "A")
-Open Aerial: An worldwide "best available" color aerial layer
Added SPOT-based Replay interface to
-Load and replay SPOT data from any event on
-Follow current events in TopoFusion with latest position and instant replay
-Find in Analysis->Spot Replays
Added ability to read/write KML files with elevation/time data (gx:Track)
Added ability to read KML files with network linked lines/points (e.g. from  
Google myMaps export)
Added ability to customize keyboard shortcut for zooming in/out
  (Options->General at bottom of form)
Fixed error 380 Form_resize problems with active file list splitter
Fixed problems with default track directory "path not found" #76 errors
Fixed batch download tool for all non-MSRMaps tilesets (downloading incorrect
  tiles problem introduced in v4.0)
Fixed avg/max HR/CAD/Power numbers in Lap Analysis (Lap type)
Fixed Export View dialog not always getting current map size #'s
Fixed UTM grid numbers going off screen in exports
Added Bus, Radio Tower and Police icons/presets
Waypoint description now output in KML
Changed Landsat access strings to account for server changes (16* no longer blue
  marble tileset)

4.07 - [1/28/11]  (Beta)

Added "Add Recent Files Only" button to DL tracks dialog.  Will only add last
  week of data from GPX archive (e.g. on Oregon/Dakota units)
Fixed "run time error 380" when resizing active files list
Changed Garmin USB mass storage uploading for waypoints to add "_wp" postfix to
  file, preventing overwriting of track file by the same name
Fixed memory leaks in DLtracks dialog
Fixed missing tiles in 'hidden' feature
New 2011 Splash / About Screens

4.06 - [12/24/10]  (Beta)

Added "Strip time stamps" function to file properties dialog
Added "Correct elevation" function to file properties dialog
  (uses same method as Climbing Analysis->Add Elevation to track)
Added checkbox to enable myTopo zoom 16 (highest detail) tiles
  (find in Options->Preferences->Tilesets)
Added function to expire all OpenStreetMap tiles from cache
  (find in Options->Preferences->Tilesets)
State of active file list (size, minimized, file picker minimized) now saved
Added "switch to Elevation" option to Map menu
Fixed issues with box-selected track points not highlighting sometimes
Zoom tool no longer shows aspect ratio zoom box
All analysis dialogs now default to whichever file is selected in the active
  list, if a file is selected
Live tracking track now shows arrows if toggle is enabled
Changed track arrows to show first arrow closer to start of track
Fixed WMS downloads so that servers can now be an IP address
Disabled non-working file renaming in file picker (main window)
Fixed problem where the wrong tile was selected when using the reload map tool
  in Open Street Maps, myTopo and OpenCycle maps
Fixed problem importing TCX files with Cadence from TF into Training Center
Merge Tracks tool now called "Join Tracks" Tool, for consistency
Lat/Lon and Elevation displays now bold
GPS network improvements:
* Last filename for network output now saved between runs of the software
* Significant speed up in intersection test phase of the algorithm
* Fixed problems with loops being cut out in GPS network formation
* Fixed GPS network statistics (# of reductions, etc) to reset between runs
* Long GPS segments (likely errors in start/stop on GPS) now automatically split
  When added to a network
* Added minor controls on the number of points/meter in averaged tracks, to
  keep size down and create smoother output

4.05 - [9/23/10]  (Beta)

Added new "Elevation" tileset - colored elevation tiles
   * Find options in Options->Shaded Relief/Elevation Tiles
   * Shortcut key is "E"
   * Tiles are generated, not downloaded or stored
   * Color shaded by elevation, with ability to control max/min and colors
   * Checkbox for "contoured" (sharp boundary between colors)
   * Coverage is near worldwide (all but extreme latitudes)
   * Use Combo with other map types for some nice effects
Shaded Relief options moved from Combo Blending dialog into new
   Dialog shared with Elevation Tileset options
   * Also added button to turn Shaded Relief on in dialog
   * Fixed "darkness" setting not being saved correctly
Logbook - "add non-gps entry" now defaults to date selected in calendar
   (instead of today's date)
Added ability to read "ns3" power data from TCX files, (Garmin Connect)
Fixed refreshing of map when downloading new maps in Combo mode

4.01 - [8/12/10]  (Beta)

Fixed 3D display problems in Combo mode
Fixed large scale exports in Combo mode
Changed all "save as" dialogs to remember last directory saved to
  This includes the GPS download dialog
Image Blending / Shaded Relief dialog now Combo Blending / Shaded Relief
Minor cosmetic changes to dialog
Added and fixed new Combo Blending presets
Fixed problem loading GPX files with trailing spaces in XML tabs (bt747 utility)
Fixed crash when removing too many segments (hitting the 'E' key) too many times
  In either the Draw Track tool or the Merge tool
Fixed problem renaming files when changing only the case of letters in filename
Fixed invalid assumption reading .kml files with placemarks (waypoints)
Installer now gives better message when trying to upgrade with TopoFusion open

4.0 - A full release

3.978 - [6/19/10]  (Beta)

Small change to guard against possibility of slow/freezing when downloading
   New tilesets (myTopo, OSM, etc)

3.977 - [6/18/10]  (Beta)

Fixed problem converting map index file introduced in 3.976
-  No need to update if your index file is already converted by a previous

3.976 - [6/17/10]  (Beta)

Added new Combo mode - can now blend all supported maps!
- Shortcut key remains 'O' key (cOmbo)
- Combo 1/4/16/64 Meter tilesets are removed
- Setup tilesets and blend factor in Options->Blending / Shaded Relief
- Bracket keys [] can be used to control blend factor
Fixed freezing problems with new map type tiles 
TIGER are downloads disabled since server has been decommissioned
- Downloaded TIGER maps will continue to be available, all new tiles
- will show white "no map tile" message
Fixed tile reloading tool to work with new tilesets
Fixed PhotoFusion hanging when HTML directory not set
PhotoFusion - original image files now copies to HTML Imagemap directory if they     
  do not exist already.

3.975 - [6/1/10]

Fixed some tileset switching, keyboard shortcut issues with the new tilesets
Changed Color aerial access for New Mexico (old server is no longer functional)
Changed default Mexico B/W WMS request to jpeg (due to server change)
Fixed access violation in Photofusion when HTML directory not set

3.974 - [5/27/10] (Beta)

Map index file structure upgraded to V3 (MapIndex.dat)
- Converter will run first time you run (you may not notice it)
- Old versions of TopoFusion will NOT be able to open your maps
     after upgrading your MapIndex.dat file.
- Backup of MapIndex.dat saved as MapIndex.dat.back 
Added new map types:
- MyTopo topo maps for USA and Canada (courtesy
- Open Street Maps (
- Open Cycle Maps (
- Find in "Map" menu or in Tileset dropdown
- Shortcut keys (M = myTopo, S = Open Street Maps)
"Order Printed Map" command now points to MyTopo printed map engine
Scale bar now hidden by default when doing tiled KMZ custom map exports
Fixed 'subset out of bounds' in speed profiles for some GPX files
Fixed exception in PhotoFusion with on HTML directory set
Fixed error "Run time error 35602 key is not in collection" when opening batch 
   Download tool with multiple WMS tilesets of the same name

3.972 - [5/7/10]  (Beta)

Changed to due to unresponsive teraserver
Changed handling of download retries during KMZ export (will not try forever)

3.971 - [3/17/10]  (Beta)

Changed access method for Color Aerial servers
 *  Previous versions are having issues downloading color aerials for many states
Color aerial coverage is now complete for lower 48 states + Alaska
 *  Added KS, SD, IL, AR, MI and MO
Added fix for missing tiles from Teraserver / MSRMaps
Added "correct map offset" preset for Custer South Dakota aerials

3.962 - [1/27/10]  (Beta)

Improved type checking and bounds checking for simplify / split dialog
Fixed bug in cut tracks tool preventing certain segments from being deleted
Fixed problem uploading split GPS tracks that have a 'file properties' name
(only one of the tracks was showing up)
Fixed crash with simplifying then splining a track

3.961 - [1/21/10]  (Beta)

Download/Merge tracks dialog - merge function now keeps merged track selected
Fixed new UTM grid alignment in datum other than WGS84
Fixed potential crash in 'real time' multiplayback
Changed man/dog distance line to thin black, and distance under first position

3.96 - [1/17/10]  (Beta)

Added UTM grid support in Color Aerials, Landsat, WMS Maps, et cetera
Added Color Aerials for most of Florida and Puerto Rico
Added option to load additional GPX/TCX files into "Merge/Delete Downloaded
  Tracks dialog.  Defaults to "Archive" or "History" dir, depending on GPS
Added "distance between man/dog" as a toggle for Multitrack playback
  Shows distance between the first two tracks in the playback
Added datums: NAD83, European, Tokyo, India
KML exports with PhotoFusion waypoints now include html code for viewing in 
  Google Earth and Google Maps
Added ability to read/write sub second resolution GPX files
Playback functionality supports sub second resolution
Live tracking lat/lon coordinate display now supports different min/sec configs
Fixed crosshair and airplane icons not showing up in live tracking mode
Fixed waypoint download for Oregon/Dakota/Colorado/705 units
  (previously would only download the last position waypoint)
Improved error handling for logbook input/output
Enabled DXT1 compression for user maps - much lower memory usage
Fixed loaded tracks being added to the logbook when DL tracks dialog is open
User Maps dialog now defaults to alphabetic sorting, and can be sorted or
  Reversed on other columns
Fixed blocky profiles when exported using "current" map size
PhotoFusion - added "ignore minor warnings" flag to EXIFtool usage

3.941 - [11/6/09]  (Beta)

Fixed calibration issues exporting Topo & B/W aerial maps to Garmin GPS units
-Fix applies to both tiled and non-tiled KMZ exports
-Bug was only apparent near edges of UTM zones
Added "merge files and save as.." function to right click menu for files
-Select multiple files in the active list, right click, then 'save as'
to new file
Removed reset of gamma ramp on program exit
Fixed waypoint comment field not getting uploaded on some Garmin units
Uploaded saved tracks now transfer colors for the following colors:
-Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Magenta, White, Black

3.94 - [10/30/09]  (Beta)

Added ability to tile KMZ exports
-Uses 1024x1024 tiles (maximum allowed by Garmin)
-Provides number of tiles calculation (max 100 allowed)
-Ability to choose specific tileset, exported at 1:1 resolution
-Tracks, waypoints, shaded relief, etc all show up
-Be careful with large KMZ files - make sure you delete and empty recycle bin 
  GPS will still see KMZ files and 'count' them towards 100 tile limit even 
  if they are in the Recycle Bin

3.921 - [10/23/09]  (Beta)

Added "Draw Order" field to KMZ exports.
Cosmetic changes to Export View dialog

3.92 - [10/22/09]  (Beta)

Added .KMZ map exports, for use as custom maps on Oregon/Colorado/Dakota units
   - Find in "Export View" function - able to export all map types, including
     GPS track/waypoint overlays, shaded relief, etc.
   - Select check box "Export KMZ to Garmin GPS" to auto start "save as"
     dialog in Garmin\Custom Maps folder
   - Any size map can be exported (eg for use in Google Earth), but maximum 1024 in 
     both directions is recommended to avoid resampling / speed issues on GPS
Fixed problem with graphics engine reinitializing after non-standard 2D exports
   (problem introduced in 3.91)
Changed "no data" heart rate readings to zeros in profile tool (was 255 before)
Removed misplaced error message when canceling a "export view parameters" dialog

3.91 - [10/19/09]  (Beta)

Added "Export View Parameters" (File Menu) to save .tfv (Topo Fusion View) files
Use File-->Open or drag/drop to reload view parameters, including size of main
TopoFusion window
"Dot" track type (GPX 1.1) now use actual dots.  Appearance improved
Added checkbox to "constrain proportions" to export view function - locks aspect 
ratio to the current window size
Optimized memory usage for large scale exports.  Should be able to export up to 
the maximum texture size (8192x8192 on newer cards)
Switched servers for Arizona Color Aerials (old server continues to have issues)
Fixed 'reverse mouse wheel' setting not being applied upon initialization
Improved accuracy of stopped time calculation for 'moving intervals' analysis
Fixed problem reading Adventure Cycling waypoint files (CDATA related)
Added option to "Include TopoFusion logo" to exported images
Added "crosshair" icon type, and set it as the default for new installs
Reversed direction on 'darkness' shaded relief slider bar
Changed shaded relief lighting direction slider to 0..360 degrees
Changed 3D background back to black

3.90 - A Full Release

3.88 - [9/18/09] (Beta)

Fixed color aerial downloads for central and eastern US
  (gives "tile not available" message in all previous versions of TF)
Fixed Color Aerials for Arizona - due to server change previous versions
  of TopoFusion can no longer download aerials in Arizona
Improved shaded relief blending - better colors / less gray
Improved stability of shaded relief maps
Fixed large scale exports with shaded relief
Speed increase - mouse wheel zooming
Fixed bug opening certain UTM waypoint text files
Fixed problems displaying 'fuzzy' tile for Color and WMS tilesets
Installer now remembers installation directory (for future upgrades)
Changed multiplayback time format (year moved to correct place)

3.87 - [9/5/09]

Added Shaded Relief to all maps types
-New toggle on toolbar and in Map window
-Options (detail, light angle, etc) are in Window->Blending / Shaded Relief
Added "Land Ownership" layer for federal/state/county land boundaries
  For legend see:
Multiple improvements in Batch Download robustness, speed and reporting
Added checkboxes for individual tilesets for both Color tileset and all
   Custom WMS servers
Added hover over 'tooltiptext' for filenames in the file chooser
Added .prj (projection info) file to shapefile exports
Added ability to read polygons in .kml files (as lines)
Fixed DEM tile border issues in 3D mode (was visible in some cases)
Fixed yellow (highlighted) stats being displayed in multi-playback
Changed time format for multiplayback to 12 hour (am/pm)
CTRL-A now selects all in active file list and track and waypoints lists

3.86 - [8/23/09]

Weakened conditions for display of 'TopoFusion is having trouble contacting
server(s)' message
* Possible side-effects of Shaded Relief effort in this version

3.85 - [8/18/09]

Fixed issues with Color Aerial server(s) and Persistent Connections enabled
Re-enabled "TopoFusion is having trouble contacting" message
   (inadvertently disabled in previous betas)

3.84 - [8/16/09]  (Beta)

Fixed GPX issue with PhotoFusion paths containing ampersand
Improved robustness of GPX reading, including CDATA in args
Cleaned up PhotoFusion memory management
Fixed Map menu tileset shortcuts not working when focus was not on map
Added shortcut to 'blending options' (image processing) from map menu
Disabled non-functional menu name in draw/merge track context menu

3.83 - [8/15/09]  (Beta)

Fixed Color Aerial downloads for the east coast, due to server change
Added Maine to Color Aerial tileset

3.82 - [7/26/09]  (Beta)

Added menu shortcuts for Mouse Tool modes:
   Edit menu has: Edit Points, Edit Points (box), Cut Tracks, Merge Tracks
   Map Menu: Pan Map, Mark Waypoint, Draw Track
   Analysis Menu: Elevation Profile
Changed "Tile Cache" to "Memory cache size" in Options->Preferences
Enlarged tileset selector in Batch Download Tool
Added "Disk Cache Size = Unlimited" note to Options->Preferences
Added auto "Reply-To:" field to crash reports
Added white background to 'onscreen' messages, also enlarged font

3.81 - [7/25/09]  (Beta)

Batch Map Download Tool Upgrades
   Now found in "Window" menu
   Added ability to select which tilesets to download
   Added ability to download Color aerials, WMS servers and Elevation
   Added status update window, estimated space and time to completion
   Added buttons to save/clear/draw new download area box
   Improved error handling.  Will restart upon connection failure.

Profiles in exported maps no longer cover bottom portion of map (map 
   is extended to include profile)
Fixed GPX extension problem with GPX files that have HR and CAD data
Added ability to read KML files with 'schema parent' placemarks
Fixed new waypoints getting old (1969) time
Settings in MultiPlayback dialog are now preserved
Added error messages for bogus PhotoFusion GMT offsets
Added error message for multiplayback w/o time data
Fixed crash in multiplayback when "error contacting server" comes up
Changed Australian download string to prevent landsat imagery from covering 
   features at high zoom levels

3.76 - [5/1/09] (Beta)

Drawn tracks now automatically assign elevation data, while drawing
Fixed crash in climbing analysis when loading a track without elevation data

3.75 -  [4/30/09]  (Beta)

Added local caching of DEM data
  * DEM data is automatically downloaded as map is panned
  * Fast downloads, using OnEarth's tiled WMS
  * Stored in maps.dat structure, download once, always have
  * Elevation at cursor displayed in status bar
  * Faster 3D model generation.  Works offline.
  * Automatically uses NED (30m) data inside US, 90m SRTM elsewhere in world
  * Option for forcing SRTM available (useful for US border areas)
Climbing Analysis uses cached data
  * Increased accuracy for elevation gain and "Add Elevation to Track"
Added box filtering to Climbing Analysis (selectable filter width)
Added "Training Center" preset to Climbing Analysis
Added option to turn off 3D transition animation to 3d Options
Fixed alignment errors when switching between (eg) topo and color aerial tiles
   In 3d mode
Undo command now reverses the following actions:
  * Deleted points
  * Moved points
  * Cut track
  * Delete track
  * "clear all" when drawing a track
  * "clear all" when merging tracks
  * "remove last segment" when merging tracks
  * "remove last segment" when drawing a track
Fixed bug in realtime Multi Playback causing dots/names not to appear
Fixed problem with Australian Topos not downloading (due to server change)
Fixed lingering "download" tiles in both 2d and esp. 3d mode

3.74 -  [3/26/09]

Added shortcut key ('E') to remove last point drawn in draw track mode
   (allows rapid point removal)
Fixed bugs in the split track feature causing non-fatal crashes
Fixed mouse cursor issues when selecting a start point for multi playback
Added hidden feature to invalidate old Canadian topos (contact us for details)

3.73 - [3/11/09]  (Beta)

Added improved Canadian Topo maps
   Maps are more clear, detailed and up-to-date
   Including elevation labels on contour lines!
Fixed bug editing waypoints from the "File Properties" list of waypoints
Fixed erratic map scrolling at high zoom levels (floating point handling)
(Also affected some clipping errors at high zoom levels and other small           issues)
Changed maximum number of spline interpolation points from 20 to 30 (for
   Video syncing interpolation)

3.72 - [2/25/09]  (Beta)

Fixed bearing giving 88.7 degrees when drawing tracks
Fixed issue with coordinate type not being preserved upon placing a waypoint
Fixed issue reading self ending 'link' tags in GPX files from Mapsource
Added heartrate and cadence to .CSV export
Fixed crash loading bogus HTML files as GPX
Fixed profile clipping with Windows large (120 DPI) font
Fixed Overflow #6 error in Profile Window
Added check for erroneous global elevation values (causing elevation shading
   to not work
Fixed crash when aborting a GPS transfer
Fixed double profile problem with "Horizontal Shading" setting
  (only apparent with multiple tracks loaded - large elevation ranges)
Cosmetic changes to Simplify and GPS dialog - dialog type and tab ordering
(GPS dialog now defaults to "Begin" button)
INSTALLER - demo install no longer overwrites (resets) maps.dat and mapindex.dat

3.71 - [2/12/2009]  (Full Release)

Fixed problems downloading Canadian topo maps (due to server change)

3.70 - [2/10/2009]

Added server for Alaska aerials to Color Aerial tileset

3.69 - [2/9/2009]  (Beta)

Fixed conflicts between CTRL key shortcuts and regular key shortcuts
Fixed issues with TopoFusion thinking CTRL key is held down 
Fixed issues downloading from New Mexico's color aerial server
Fixed issue selecting photos in thumbnail box when photos disabled
Fixed PhotoFusion dialog stuck open if not jpegs found in PhotoFusion dir

3.68 - [1/29/09]  (Beta)

Photos are now automatically rotated if EXIF orientation header present
PhotoFusion HTML page generation now works even if no photos are
displayed on the screen
Fixed issues downloading exiftool.exe and GIS layers from
Decreased ability for mouse wheel events to queue (to prevent unintentional
  scrolling if display is slow)

3.67 - [1/24/09]  (Beta)

Improved PhotoFusion functionality:

* Faster EXIF header writing
* Capable of large batches of photos
* Added progress indicator
* Added option to NOT place waypoints (only write EXIF headers)

3.66 - [1/22/09]  (Beta) 

Added three states to the Color tileset:
  * Washington State, Georgia and West Virginia
Added TopoWMS server to CustomWMS server default list
  * Downloads / displays Topo maps that span UTM zones and are in
  * Lat / Lon projection
Added limited 3D playback and multi-track playback
  * Map updates as playback proceeds.  Follow options not supported.
Minor tweaks to exiftool downloading dialog
Fixed failed jpeg time/date reading with certain camera types
Fixed writing of 0,0 EXIF coordinates when PhotoFusion cannot compute
  position of a photo

3.65 - [1/20/09]  (Beta)

PhotoFusion enhancements:
* PhotoFusion now found in Analysis Menu
* Added ability to read Lat/Lon coordinates from Jpeg EXIF headers
(upon placement with PhotoFusion)
* Added ability to write Lat/Lon coordinates to Jpeg EXIF headers
   Requires the freeware "exiftool.exe" program, which TopoFusion will
   automatically download for you, if you choose.
* Added elevation data to waypoints (and EXIF headers)
* Added Help and Explore buttons
* Fixed minor display issues, esp with deleted photos
* Can now right click on thumbnails in map to open waypoint dialog, delete, etc

Other fixes:
Fixed .TCX/.CRS (Edge 705) track splitting problems
  (tracks no longer split at Lap and "Auto pause")
Fixed over-clipping issue with 3-point calibration user maps
Fixed headers for Custom WMS requests (necessary for certain new servers)
  (added HTTP/1.1 and Host: headers)
Enabled "Follow Download" when switching back to Serial from USB in GPSDialog
Fixed "off by one error" in Send to GPS function (when GPS dialog already open)

3.64 - [01/2/09]  (Beta)

New '09 splash/about screens
Fixed endless loop when shrinking PhotoFusion thumbnails
Fixed problem reading Magellan .UPT waypoint files

3.63 - [12/27/08] (Beta)

Added "Order printed map" option to File menu
Links directly to TopoFusion /'s map
  printing engine, centered at the current map location
Changed mouse behavior for photo thumbnails on map
  Mouse over only slightly enlarges pic
  Click once to enlarge
  Click again to open photo in windows (default .jpg software)
Changed distribution of tile cache (200/512/Pic tile sizes) in favor
  of more 512/Pics.
Added warning message when tile cache is not large enough to display
  all currently visible photo thumbnails
Fixed problems with full pathnames showing up in PhotoFusion generated HTML
Fixed errors in reported bearings while drawing tracks
Fixed handling of WMS request strings that include protocol (http://) in them
Fixed subtle differences in stats (e.g. track length) when loading file
  initially vs. reloading the file.  (floating point rounding)

3.62 - [12/03/08] (Beta)

Added support for Garmin's "TrackPointExtension/v1" for GPX
Heart Rate and Cadence now supported for read/write in GPX
(e.g. Garmin Oregon/Colorado with HR/Cad sensors)
Fixed issues reading PhotoFusion'd GPX files with apostrophes
Fixed issue with loss of HR/Cad/Power when using the merge tool
Fixed intermittent crashes when saving out a drawn track 

3.56 - [11/11/08]  (Beta)

Added statewide color aerials for most (35) US states
- See:
 for coverage
- ~1 meter resolution
- Source: various servers, combined into the "Color" tileset
- 'C' key now shortcut for the new "Color" tileset
- 'U' key now shortcut for existing "Urban" tileset (was 'C' before)

3.55 - [11/07/08] (Beta)

Added new imagery servers:
 * Arizona statewide color aerials (1 meter resolution)
 * New Mexico statewide color aerials (1 meter resolution)
 * Oregon statewide color aerials (<1 meter resolution)
 * Utah statewide color aerials (1 meter resolution)
 * Mexico countrywide BW aerials (~1 meter resolution)
Added Custom WMS server support!
 * Any WMS server can be added, provided output is EPSG:4326
 * Custom tilesets are added - full range of resolution
 * All downloaded maps permanently stored in on-disk cache
 * Details at:
Added checkbox to disable "blue sphere" at position in 3D mode
Added "number of sats" and error estimate displays to live tracking (NMEA only)
Improved robustness of NMEA live tracking, preventing bad/invalid fixes
Fixed problem (TF closing) when loading certain JPEGS as User Maps
Fixed problem where tracks named "ACTIVE LOG" always went into the active log,
even if the "to saved tracks" option was selected.
Fixed problem with persistent HTTP connections to the wrong server
Added "Help" button to User Map dialog
Added confirmation dialog when removing a User Map (Are you sure?)

3.50 - [09/24/08] (Beta)

Added direct upload support for Garmin mass storage devices
(e.g. Edge 705, Colorado, NUVI, Oregon series)
Updated Installer and default directories to be more Windows Vista friendly
  Fixed double .INI file problems on Vista
For new installs only:
  * Default tracks directory now "My documents\My TopoFusion Files"
  * TopoFusion.ini and TopoFusion.log stored in "AppData\Local\TopoFusion"
Existing installs:
  * Default tracks dir remains the same
  * Current TopoFusion.ini file will be loaded, whether in
    C:\Program Files\TopoFusion or in the "Virtual Store."
  * TopoFusion.log stored in "Appdata\Local\TopoFusion"
TopoFusion will now run without admin privileges on XP/Vista
   (still need admin to install)
Installer now asks to run *after* closing
Fixed problems loading some NMEA .log files

3.42 - [09/10/08]

Changed default filename for downloaded tracks to YYYY-MM-DD
Downloaded "saved tracks" now default to their name if saved
Added direct download support for Garmin mass storage devices
  (e.g. Edge 705, Colorado, Oregon series)

3.41 - [08/15/08]

Cut tracks now inherit the original track's color/width/pattern/etc
Fixed File Properties to only apply color to all tracks when color is
   actually changed
Fixed bug when merging tracks while download box or drawn track is active

3.40 - [08/12/08]

Added Australian Topo Map server!
   Covers all of Australia
   Shares tileset with Canadian topo - "Can Topo" now "Can/Aus" tileset.
   Can/Aus downloads Canada Topo in northern Hemisphere, Aus Topo in southern
Added support for GPX_style extension (also KML Styles)
Added track line width
Added per track coloring
Added track opacity
Added track pattern (dash/dot, et cetera)
Added track names to KML exports
GPX files now saved as GPX 1.1
Drag and Drop of files now supported for main map window
  (previously only active file list could be dropped into)
Fixed synchronization issues between profile/simplify/waypoint/track dialogs
Fixed infinite loop with large GIS waypoint files, skipping at high zoom levels
Fixed false clipping for long track segments 
Fixed problem reloading tiles when clicked outside current UTM zone

3.37 - [6/15/08] (Beta)

Added direction arrows to tracks
  Toggle on toolbar turns them on/off for all tracks
Settings for arrow size, frequency, color are in preferences->colors
Added additional context menu to help choosing tracks/waypoints
(used when right clicking on multiple tracks / waypoints)
Added "Highlight file in Active List" to right click menu
Added more descriptive title to standard right click menu
Added ability to write Live Tracking tracklog out to disk periodically
Fixed problems between interplay of live tracking log and drawing/merging tracks
Fixed memory leak in live tracking log
Live tracking dialog can now be minimized, and gives a warning when closed
Changed draw tool's bearing to True North rather than Grid North
Fixed possible bugs in very large network computations
Lowered memory overhead of network code
Added "out of memory" error to very large network computations
Added "Green" and "Blue" track shading settings
Added "Check for Updates" button to About Menu
Drag and drop of .GPX file to TF window now only re-zooms if
a single file is dropped.  Multiple files just load.
Fixed "can't get date from win.ini" error message

3.36 - [6/06/08] (Beta)

Added speed/hr/cad/power/elevation/date/grade/filename displays to Multi-track                          
    playback (stats follow current position of each track)
Added "reverse" speed button to Multi track playback
Added "mouse wheel speed" (zoom amount) setting to Preferences->Tilesets
   (controls how much one scroll of mouse wheel zooms)
Added "fine tune" zooming - hold CTRL down with mouse wheel or '+' or '-'  
Added "Send to GPS..." option to right click context menu 
    (faster access for uploading files)
Vastly improved speed of Network creation (Graph Reduction phase)
Fixed geometry-specific bug in postContract() phase of Make Network
Improved Network output - additional serial/parallel phase
Fixed time data issues in networks
Added "..." (save as) file chooser to Make Network dialog
Added status display window to Make Network dialog
Fixed problem with track splitting (for upload) after simplifying a track

3.35 - [6/02/08] (Beta)

Fixed longstanding intermittent crashes in MAKE NETWORK code!
Removed "saving power/hr/cad to GPX" warning on Make Network
Added ability to reverse multi-track and single track playback
   (negative speed multipliers are allowed)
Added interpolated elevation field to Lap Analysis .CSV export
Fixed multi-track and single track playback speed multipliers to be
   consistent with real time
Improved handling of zero lat/lon (non-locked) NMEA live tracking 
Fixed bug causing time data not to be loaded in eXplorist .LOG files 
  (and Timex .txt exports)
Fixed bug causing main TF window to become tiny when un-maximizing
In progress - speed, elevation stats shown on screen in multi-track playback

3.34 - [4/28/08] (Beta)

Added "Garmin Astro" tracking to live tracking.  Continuously
   downloads tracks from the GPS.
Uploaded saved tracks now preserve track name (if present)
Downloaded saved tracks names now preserved
Track name now shown in profile window, if existing
Added "Add file to Logbook" to right click file menu
Fixed average cadence computations to not include coasting
Fixed missing baud rate with Magellan units in GPS Transfer dialog
Removed NMEA tracking debug info

3.33 - [4/16/08] (beta)

Test version for d3d_error messages
Test version for NMEA tracking sentences

3.261 - [3/11/08] (Beta)

Fixed access violation saving drawn tracks (introduced in 3.26)
  (also potential other issues saving out files)
Fixed Save as.. dialog issues getting to the right directory

3.26 - [3/10/08] (Beta)

Added Power Analysis Dialog (separated from Run Analysis)
Added quadratic interpolation for PowerTap files
Save as.. dialog now defaults to directory of file and to file's extension
Fixed "text property is read only" bug in 3D texture size
Fixed syncing issues with climb/power/run/lap dialogs on save as/remove files
Fixed issues with "Place Waypoint" function in Goto dialog
Added warning message when saving with HR/Cad/Power in anything but TCX/CRS
Fixed Lap Analysis stats for tracks that cross UTM zones
Fixed track shading for highlighted lap intervals 
Fixed access violation adding power data to files with no tracks (!)
Added informative message when running in DEMO mode with reg. info entered

3.25 - [3/4/08] (Beta)

Improved PowerTap auto-offset function
Added power values to TCX import/export
Added average and max power/HR/cadence to lap/interval analysis 
Added high resolution 3D exports
Added "Texture Detail" setting to 3D - far better map detail in 3D mode
Added Texture to bottom of 3D model
Improved accuracy of adding elevation to tracks (Climbing Analysis)
Drastically improved loading time for TCX files
Fixed invisible waypoints using Add Waypoint Tool in UTM coordinate mode
Fixed bug adding elevation to tracks while in Landsat mode
Fixed playback interpolation in landsat tiles
Fixed problem reading and saving newer Magellan .LOG files
Changed "Run Analysis" to "Power Analysis"
Fixed Cadence reading from powertap files

3.24 - [2/24/08] (Beta)

Added import / attachment of PowerTap .CSV exports
Added "interpolate to 1 second" function to Power Analysis
Fixed problem with TCX/CRS exports in training center (zero HR)
Fixed correspondence issues with mouse over in profile

3.22 - [2/14/08]

Fixed error connecting to Canadian Topo Server
Added Heart Rate/Cadence downloading for Edge/Forerunner units
Added Garmin .CRS/.TCX import (necessary to store HR/Cadence data)
Added ability to upload tracks as "Courses" to Edge/Forerunner units
Added new track shading options: Heart Rate, Cadence and Power
  - faster access to shading type in the "Map->Track Shading" menu
Added new statistics and "y-axis" options to profile window
  - including moving time, HR, Cadence, Power
  - Climbing/Descending stats now match main TF window
Added "Moving intervals" analysis type to Lap Analysis dialog
  - Use to place waypoints at each "stop" on a GPS track
Added "Export to Raceday" button to Run Analysis - exports running power
    data to Physfarm's Raceday software
Added "Place Waypoint" button to Goto Coordinate dialog
Forced waypoint dialog to stay open after invalid coordinate entry
Fixed bug with zero elevation in NMEA live tracking
Fixed bug when exporting 3D screenshots with "add profile" checked
Improved clipping/drawing speed for photo icons
Added warning message when uploading tracks that are too large
Fixed GPS dialog to keep file choice when choosing between options
Fixed problem with highlighted track point from file props not showing up
Fixed bug causing waypoints to disappear after editing

3.21 - [1/28/08]

Added ability to change tilesets used in combo mode
  (eg: TIGER/Aerial, Urban/Topo, Urban/Aerial now possible)
Added "smart" merging (track merge tool)
  - also: holding shift is no longer required to merge
Added export of Garmin Course files (.CRS)
Forced onscreen message OFF when exporting
Added "open containing folder" button to export view dialog
Added true north azimuth output to track drawing tool
Added settings for UTM grid line width and opacity
Added setting for waypoint symbol size
Fixed problem with stray point added to end of drawn track
Improved interplay between other graphic intensive software (e.g. GE)
Fixed issues with D3D_OUT_OF_MEMORY errors

3.20 - [12/30/07]

Added new Map Server: Tiger Line data for US
Added new Map Server: Topo Maps for Canada
  Find the new tilesets in the "Map" menu or the tileset dropdown
Major speedup in track drawing (clipping) esp. with large files
Fixed Lap Analysis exports for files with multiple tracks
Fixed problem adding elevation to files crossing UTM zones
Fixed splining GPS tracks across UTM zones
Made simplify dialog default to 500, or higher with large tracks
Fixed bug loading custom sprites.bmp file
Set focus to map window upon startup

3.18 - [10/15/07]

Changed select points / zoom / select map rectangle to be more visible
Added Drag and Drop capability to active file list for GPX/supported files
Added "Open Containing Folder" option to right click on files
Added message when batch downloading across zones (not allowed)

3.17 - [10/6/07]

Major speedup in track drawing
Major speedup when large numbers of waypoints are displayed
Added Lodging, Motel and Library to supported graphical symbols
(for Adventure Cycling data)
Fixed bug causing batch/box downloads to miss tiles when 
   part of the download area was already downloaded
Fixed .kml export with special characters in filenames (& etc)

....  (OLDER)

3.13 - [7/13 - 7/26]

Fixed crash on some systems with non power of two thumbnail size
Fixed problem with animating sprites (runner showing bike,etc)
Fixed single line .kml file reading crash
Fixed some .txf (maptech) reading issues

3.12 - [6/21/07]  (Full release)

Fixed "automation error" when simplifying a track multiple times
Fixed bug popping up area calculation and edit track introduced in 3.11

3.11 - [6/15/07]

Added custom symbols.bmp and sprites.bmp ability 
  (download and place in default tracks directory)
Added "Delete Track" to track right-click menu
Added all available GPX symbols to dropdown in waypoint dialog
Fixed intermittent "unknown exception" on finishing track download
Fixed multi-track playback in landsat tiles
Fixed multi-track playback "author" text label placement
Fixed some problems with deleted points and photos
Improved waypoint clipping
Fixed intermittent black squares in upper corners of map (since 3.03)
Increased opacity of photo thumbnails
Fixed pan/zoom between tracks in landsat
Fixed crash with D3D_OUT_OF_MEMORY at startup

3.1 - [6/6/07]

Added waypoint symbols!  (icons)
Added "split track" function to simplify/spline dialog
  --Used for splitting a large track into smaller chunks for
    for upload to a Garmin's "saved tracks"
Fixed some problems across zone boundaries
  Fixed scale bar in landsat tilesets
  UTM coordinate display now changes zones
  Fixed draw (pencil) distance in landsat
  Fixed dropping waypoints across zones
Improved .kml import (waypoints)
Added "Map" menu
  Allows switching to all map types without changing zoom level
  Also provides menu options for all map state toggles
  Reworked a few minor keyboard shortcuts
    Profile tool is now "F" key
    "O" key now switches directly to Combo Maps
Added "Make New Folder" button to Photofusion HTML directory chooser
Other Misc. fixes

3.09 - [5/31/07]

Added shapefile import
Improved .kml import
Added basic .kml export
Added GPS config dialog to GPS transfer dialog
Added confirmation dialog (y/n) to file renaming
Added purchase links to installer
Added "run TopoFusion" option to installer
Changed "no map" message for tiles outside UTM zone
Added "zoomed too far out" message

3.08 - [5/22/07]

Split profile/merge tool into two tools
  Profile now only profiles tracks
  Merge tool is used to join tracks
Added support for GT-3 USB GPS
Fixed possible crashes in NMEA live tracking
Fixed problem editing/selecting tracks/points when map
  display is disabled
Fixed problem reading UTM text files (from TopoUSA)
Fixed crash editing track properties

3.05 - [4/9/07]

Fixed PNG/BMP User map bug introduced in 3.02
Optimized getNewEasting w/o side-effects
Fixed delete/insert key not working at times
Fixed issues renaming files in active list
Fixed problems reading GPX files from
Fixed stats icon - no longer photo

3.04 - [4/2/07]

Fixed problems with TileSet dropdown synchronization
--disabled tilesets no longer show up
--now only 5 options in 3D mode: topo/aerial/urban/landsat/combo
Added PNG and JPEG export for profiles (from profile dialog)
Photofusion HTML now works both with thumbnail view and 
  with camera icons (as before), depending on photo toggle state
Added "view Photo/URL" to right click menu for waypoints
Added better lat/lon text reading -- AZ trail passage data
Fixed problem reading KML files introduced in 3.03
Fixed problem with UTM grids in datum other than WGS 84
Fixed 3D coordinate display in datum other than WGS 84

3.03 - [3/26/07-3/29/07]

Contrast/Brightness are back, not affecting entire display
Fixed crash when coming back from suspend/hibernate
Fixed memory leak on Topo 2/8/32 meter tilesets
Added "Use compressed DXT1 maps" to Options->Preferences
---> See forum ( for details
Fixed problems with animated sprites
Increased maximum download threads to 50
Fixed crash loading 2/8/32 tilesets in DXT1 mode
GIS layers now has "..." button for choosing files
Fixed issue with tracks crossing zones in topo/aerial

3.02 - [2/21/07 - 2/23/07]

Turned DXT1 compression on user maps
Speedup - user maps loading using IJL instead of D3DX
Fixed batch download totals not updating
Fixed bug causing fuzzy networks and stray lat/lon points
Fixed bug causing hang with downloading disabled
Fixed runtime 13 error with logbook and international settings
Added ability to cancel a calibration point
Added airplane icon

3.01 - [2/15/07]

Fixed problem with Magellan serial transfers and NMEA live tracking
Yanked brightness/contrast adjustment -- until another method is found

3.0 - [1/29/07 through 02/11/07]

Initial pro release
Several minor bug fixes

2.991 - [1/18/07] 

Fixed user maps not showing in topo/aerial if in different zone
Fixed 3D button synch problems when failing to access elevation server
User maps can now span zones in topo/aerial
GPX keywords in "File Information" are now saved
Age in Run Analysis now saved
Possible fix for photofusion not being able to display thumbnails on some systems
Live tracking now has a baud setting on the dialog

2.99 - [1/6/07]

TopoFusion D3D now named "Pro" version
Updated image processing dialog
Brightness/contrast now work for all tilesets (and windows in general)
Fixed export crashes.  Exports limited to maximum texture size (for now).
New splash/about screens
Photo icons go away when waypoints turned off

2.986 - [12/28/06]

Further work on compatability with older video cards
Photo waypoints show their name when photo toggle is off
Points (waypoints, multi-track playback, selected trackpoints) are now 
  smooth circles instead of squares
Changed track joining strategy
Fixed problem with .TXT input and Landsat tiles
Fixed time entering problem in GOVSS dialog

2.985 - [12/18/06]

Fixed some issues with user maps
Duplicate waypoints on download will be ignored
Changed method of exporting large images -- should clear up some issues

2.984 - [12/13/06]

Added User Map capability
  CTRL-U brings up user map dialog (or in Window menu)
  2 and 3 point calibration
Added on-screen message display
Added ability to rename files in loaded file list
Fixed bug profiling tracks using profile/merge tool
Fixed short filenames coming in when double clicking on GPX file
Fixed highlight track/zooming issues in DLtracks dialog
Speedup - less maps tiles drawn when zoomed in 
Minor fixes - CTRL panning in other mouse modes, shadowed text

2.983 - [11/17/06]

TF will start in 'read only' mapX.dat mode for CD-rom use
Possible fix of D3D_out of memory error on Reset()
Fixed some issues reading corrupt maps.dat files
Changed tilebuffer from texture to surface for more video card compatability
Fixed PhotoFusion HTML generation crash
Fixed problems with repeatedly placing photos on the map via photofusion

2.982 - [11/08/06]

Added export of ESRI shapefiles
Further work on new PhotoFusion features
Further work on D3D engine, in general
Fixed problem with installer not adding start menu shortcuts
Added time to .CSV exports
Fixed speed in live tracking

2.981 - [10/31/06]

Fixed Install/Run problems on Intel chipsets
Added PhotoFusion enhancements

2.98 - [10/15/06]

TopoFusion Direct3D, codename: Honeycomb

2.971 - [9/26/06]

Added ability to record and save tracks in "Live Tracking" dialog

2.965 - [9/22/06]

Added "correct elevation" button to Run Analysis
City search now uses city-large file
Previous searches stored 
Tweaks to installer - GIS dir and start menu shortcuts
GIS directory now defaults to track directory / GIS
Fixed export of .log files for eXplorist units
Fixed crash in paintLayers
Other small UI tweaks

2.96 - [9/19/06]
    Added GIS Layers window - auto download and display of roads, cities,
      state, world and wilderness boundaries.
    Added Run Analysis dialog, including GOVSS™ and power calculations
    Added basic .kml file reading
    Added city search / goto dialog (Goto->Goto City..)
    Various speedups and improvements